Office Lighting: 4 Reasons Why They Matter More Than You Think

Did you know that good office lighting can greatly increase your productivity? But that is not all. Here are 4 reasons why good lighting is worth it.

Office Lighting Improves Concentration

having good lighting at work helps maintain attention for much longer periods of time.

Office Lighting Improves Mood

in one of my previous jobs, I had to make thousands or tens of thousands of home visits. I soon learned to detect the home of a depressed person just by looking at their house. Artificial and poor lighting was the main factor.

It’s no secret that on dark days (rainy or cloudy) the mood lowers while a sunny day inspires joy. You have noticed, right?

Office Lighting Improves Sight

if the light is poor or too intense, the vision suffers. You want to have proper lighting to avoid eyestrain, burning, or even lack of long-term visibility.

The eye has muscles that tense or dilate according to the light it receives. If it is strained under non-ideal conditions, its deterioration will be accelerated.

Office Lighting Regulate Sleep

our body has evolved adapting to the 24-hour light cycle of our planet. The resulting biological periodicities are called the circadian cycle. This is why many companies light their offices with modern circadian lighting techniques. To regulate sleep, kind lighting is important during the day, but with less blue tones and slightly softer lighting a few hours before bedtime.

circadian office lighting

Office Lighting Regulate Appetite

it is proven that better lighting has a positive effect on eating. Especially if you work from home, good lighting can help you avoid the temptation to constantly visit the refrigerator.