Sylar Eight provides modern products for WFH (Work From Home) setup and coworking spaces. We started doing business in the mid 2020 and we’re here to stay!

Who We Are

We’re Jeneris and Tanya. We’ve been friends for most of our lives. We’re both home-based professionals. 

To dive into a bit more detail, Jen is a data analyst. And Tan is a web content writer.

Why The WFH and Coworking Space Industries? (Part One)

We chose these industries because of the growing need for products in this line of business. Like the image above can tell you, the majority wants to work from home. 

And let’s face it. from the year 2020 moving forward, people — working professionals — are encouraged to stay home.

Here, we’ll show you the facts:

  • According to a national (US) survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, five years before COVID19, only 7% of employees worked from home. But that number quickly turned around. In fact, the same source highlights that 54% of the survey participants were ready to quit their current (stable) job in favor of one that offered a work from home option.
  • When the COVID19 pandemic first broke, the work from home (remote work) industry saw a 44% employment increase. And even when it’s already safe to work outside, 82% of workers believe that working from home is the most practical setup.
  • 5 million employees work from home half the time. And in the past five years, 40% of employers offer a work from home option.

Why We Chose These Industries (Part Two)

More importantly, these industries hit close to home. We’re home-based professionals who know and understand what it’s like to:

  • Deal with headaches and frustrations over defective / low-quality necessities (and so products in the Hardware category save the day)
  • Suffer from body pain because of poorly designed items (and so products in the Furniture category save the day)
  • Experience decreased productivity because of mediocre / lack of items (and so products in the Accessories category save the day)
  • Be all over the place, late to meetings or behind schedule (and so products in the Organizers category save the day)
  • Be sleepy, zoned out, dehydrated (and so products in the Extra “Essentials” category save the day)

And as home-based professionals (and from our experiences}, the products in our lineup can help those in our line of work improve focus, increase productivity, and even achieve peak performance.

And on top of rectifying our own issues with problematic work from home products, digging into these industries puts us right on track. We also plan to develop our coworking space — soon. In the meantime, we’ll run this store to the best of our abilities.

Moving Forward

So feel free to browse our store. We hope we have everything you need. 

Here’s a list of our categories: